Introducing…Baby Kruse!



It’s March 2016, mid-March, which means Kevin and I only have a couple more months before we get to meet baby…we can’t wait! Here’s a very belated photo of us during Christmas last year, when we first announced to the entire world AKA Facebook that we were expecting.


Look at how tiny Baby Kruse is!! You wouldn’t guess from how happy I look, but I was throwing up 8 times a day during this time (morning sickness? more like all-day-long sickness), but seeing our baby girl made it all worth it. Right now, she’s kicking me pretty strong (in what my baby app says a UTERUS THE SIZE OF A SOCCER BALL). It’s so cute…for now. Wait a couple months and it might not be too cute anymore. Lol.

Kevin and I got married last May, and I got pregnant in October. We didn’t even go through our first year of marriage yet, which often had us thinking maybe…too soon? (We even actually heard people tell me that — they shalt be nameless.) But you know what? The past six months have been a blessing beyond any and all our expectations. We both believe in the goodness of God’s timing, and the blessings have been abundant, whether it’s financial support in the form of work, a potential future home for our family, and never ending support from our church.

Here’s to another 3 months to go, and the rest of our lives as a family of three! Stay tuned to hear more about the good, the bad, and the very funny tales of family life in Hawaii.


The Kruses



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