10 Thoughts During Pediatrician Interview

  1. This lady knows way more about babies and children than I do. She OOZES baby knowledge. Slightly intimidated right now.
  2. Oh wait, she’s not the doctor. She’s the receptionist. (Her name is Priscilla. That’s my best friend’s name.) But she’s asking me if I have questions. OK, must try to remember all those articles I read.
  3. Here I go: Hospital visit after delivery? Check. Open weekends? Check. Same-day appointments? Check. That’s good to know.
  4. Do I have any more questions? I realize now that I should have been more prepared. I throw one out: “If I have problems breastfeeding can I call?? Like, can I call anytime?” Oh, Priscilla. She is trying not to laugh. “You can call anytime,” she says.
  5. She has this kind “oh you dear” look in her eyes, so she goes on and gives me advice about diapers and baby powder and vaccinations. I want to write all this down but I forgot a pen.
  6. OK, real doctor is in. She is nice and Asian and pretty.
  7. She’s asking me if I have questions again. I ask the exact same questions I just asked the receptionist, but she doesn’t know that!
  8. Oooh, cool. She gives advice not only about the physical care for babies but how to discipline them too, if they hit the terrible twos. That’s good to know. I realize that I’ve said “that’s good to know” like 10 times out loud.
  9. I really like her! She has the kind of upbeat, bubbly energy a child would enjoy, I think? I like her, and I think Baby Kruse would like her. Decision made, but I don’t want to decide now since she says I should interview other pediatricians. I don’t want to seem too needy, you know?
  10. PARKING VALIDATION. $3. Ugh. That’s a ton of parking money every time baby is sick.

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