10 WAHM Confessions

1: When on the phone with a client, sometimes LO wakes up and needs to be fed after a 5 hr (amazing) nap. I close the door and have to let her cry because it’s an important client. #momguilt

2: I’ve taken my baby to a couple interviews. It’s the nice short ones, where you walk around a lot on an exhibit tour, and she falls asleep which is kinda great actually, but at the back of my mind I always wonder if this is incredibly unprofessional.

3: I’ve breastfed while still working on a particularly good sentence so I don’t lose momentum.

4. I’ve also pumped while writing an article. #handsfreebra #maharoz #ftw #ftm

5. Feeding/diaper changes/playtime have become a good/healthy break for me from working nonstop.

6. There are bad days where I am mega pooped because LO is mega pooping. Like, non-stop, poop marathons. And all I want is coffee on these days. I am very jealous of moms who can chug down gallons of coffee while BF – go you!

7. I’ve become more productive working from home now because I pack in all my writing, interviewing, researching while LO is asleep or playing by herself. Time management is key, people.

8. Once I was working while having Gilmore Girls on TV, and LO became incredibly quiet in the midst of her talking/cooing/chattering/gurgling. 15 minutes later, I realized that she was mesmerized with Rory and Lorelai too. AAAH, 3 month old watching TV? NOOO…(but it was actually a wonderful 15 minutes.)

9. Not WAHM-related, but I haven’t read a book in ages. My day is usually baby, work, baby, work, dinner with hubby, crashoutsleepzzzz. I need a time to schedule in a good read, and I need a good book recommendation too.

10. My favorite part of the day is when LO wakes up and she is playing by herself, and when hubby and I walk in, the happy smiles, the exciting feet kicking and the giggles make everything all worth it.



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